Error Code 0x80073712 – How to Fix Windows Error Code 0x80073712

Microsoft sends window updates regularly. That is to enable Microsoft pros to maintain and fix various loopholes in Windows OS. Moreover, the updates come with various issues and errors such as error code 0x80073712. Are you experiencing such an error message?

It is annoying and frustrating especially if you do not know what the error code is, what causes it, and how to fix it, right? Well, the good news is that you do not have to be a tech guru to fix it. In this article, you learn what error code 0x80073712 is, what causes it, and how to fix it.


What is Error Code Ox80073712?

The error code comes with the message “some updates are missing or have problems. We will try to download the updates again later.” What does this mean? The error code means that the files required by windows updates to perform the update are missing or damaged.

When Microsoft sends system update files, your device stores them until they all download before window updates start. If the files are not there or damaged, it means that you cannot finish updating OS and installing updates. So, what causes the error code0x800737712?


Causes of Windows Error Code Ox800737712

So, what causes the error message? If your device is bringing the error code 0x800737712 during a system update, it might be because of the following:

  • Incomplete installation or uninstallation of a software
  • It may happen due to corruption of the component-based servicing
  • Files missing during the update process
Error Code 0x80073712
Error Code 0x80073712

How to Fix Windows Error Code Ox800737712

Since you cannot complete your system update with the missing or damaged files, you have to know how to fix the error. There is no one-way fix to the issue. You have to try any of the below methods to see what solves your issue. The following is how you fix the code error:

  1. Scan your system for malware

Sometimes all your device need is a system scan for malware. As said earlier, the error occurs when your system lacks important files to update or the available files are corrupt. Running a system malware can be the best way to start.


  1. Run window update troubleshooter

Windows come with several troubleshooters that automatically diagnose and solve the issue at hand. To run the window update troubleshooter, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. On the search box, type troubleshooter
  3. Select troubleshooter
  4. Find window update troubleshooter
  5. Select and click run the troubleshooter
  6. The troubleshooter starts to run. Follow the instruction until the process ends
  7. Restart your device to see if the error appears.


  1. Run system file checker

System file checker or SFC is a utility in Windows that allows you to scan for corrupt files in OS and restores them. To run SFC follow the following step:

  1. Open command prompt as an administrator
  2. Type SFC/scannow to run an elevated command that allows you to perform the SFC scan
  3. The SFC scans start immediately. Wait for it to finish
  4. Finally, restart and try to update again to see whether the error message appears


  1. Restart window update services

The window update services or MSC modifies how window services run on your device. Perhaps, using this fix, you can be able to get rid of error code 0x800737712. Follow this step to restart the window update services:

  1. Press the window on your keyboard
  2. Right-click and select contextual
  3. Type service msc and run the dialog box
  4. Click on ok
  5. On this page, find window update services
  6. Right-click and select stop
  7. Right-click again to start. See if the updates happen.


  1. Other methods

Others require tech assistance or a more experienced person. That is because it involves running various command prompts that you may not be family with. They include:

  • Removing pending XML files
  • Resetting window update components
  • Renaming the software distribution folder
  • Running deployment image servicing and management tool(DISM)


  1. Restore your computer

Are all the above methods failing you? Before you go to the final solution, you can restore your device to an earlier time when it was working efficiently. That enables you to skip all the update processes and allow the download of incomplete files


  1. Repair installs windows

It is the last result you have to do if all the above methods fail. The method offers a sure solution to fix the error code ox800737712. To do this, repair installs your device using the in-place upgrade as it enables smooth repair without deleting your data in the system.



Microsoft sends system updates that pros use to fix issues and loopholes in windows. That comes with various issues and errors such as error code 0x800737712. The error means that some files needed to update your device are faulty or missing. The above article gives you a complete guide on what the error code 0x800737712 is, its causes, and how you can fix it.

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